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The History of Military Aviation

Following its initial development, aviation tended to be increasingly used as a strategic instrument. First deployed in World War I, its importance for the outcome of military conflict rose continuously. In fact technological developments and production improvements granting one side a slight edge over the other were enough to change the course of wars. As a result, a whole series of new technological developments were first tried out during World War II, when the Nazi leaders placed almost unlimited resources at the disposal of the aviation industry - not just scientists and forced laborers, but all the raw materials it needed. On the other hand, the Allies made the aviation industry's research centers and production plants the main target of their attacks. And following victory, Germany's aviation industry was neutralized by restrictions, the removal of personnel and the dismantling of aircraft factories.

Nevertheless, military aviation following World War II became one of the main driving forces behind the reconstruction of the German aerospace industry. Starting with licensed production, successful joint European projects soon followed, and Germany continues to play a key role in terms of research and development as well as production.
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